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PLEASE NOTE! We are currently experiencing some difficulties in being able to provide a physical set of cards as a product. We have prepared a PDF format of all the cards and the instructions for them. Using the cards in this form will not feel the same as on the website. We suggest you use the set using the card numbers. Choose a number from 1 to 44 or print and cut the numbers, then draw one at random.

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We named our set of cards “Wisdom of the Universe + 1”. Each card drawn is designed to bring you not only information and words, but also energy. I already see the question on your face, “How is this possible?” Every word is charged with the vibrations of our great desire to spread love and light on planet Earth. Every word is a vibrating particle of love from the depths of our heart, only meant to reach your heart. This is energy and vibration that does not know the limitations of space. Our strong intention will send it directly to you the moment you read it. Whether you feel it or not, each card is designed to bring you the vibration you need right now. For your greatest good and benefit.

Despite the fact that the cards are called “Wisdom of the Universe”, there is a simplicity in them. In fact, remember the following: “Everything simply comes from the Spirit, and the complex is a product of the Ego.” The whole concept behind the creation of the set is built on this principle. The idea is to make it seem so simple to try, because it will not cost you time and effort. Why is there actually a “+ 1” in the title? This is your participation in the universal equation. The results are obtained not only when you read something, but also when you apply it.

The set is divided into four topics:
11 Messages
11 Affirmations
11 Energy Practices
11 Chakras

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